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I'm the father of two beautiful children; a boy named Trey, and a little girl named Aubree. We're from the beautiful Pacific Northwest (of the US) in a city called Portland, Oregon.

I've been dabbling in web design and development since 1996, gaining skills and new knowledge along the way. I consider myself to be an expert in PHP, MySQL, xHTML, HTML5, and CSS; I've also got some pretty solid skills with JavaScript and jQuery as well. I also have a significant skilset with Linux servers.

I started my web services career by doing data entry and some starting design for an organization which was starting to digitize restaurant menu's for a delivery service in 1994. Since then I've run helpdesk, tech support, and even helped operate a Web Hosting organization which housed some pretty large clients over a substantial amount of servers; I've had a lot of experience in server maintenance over the years as well.

I've done Tech Support and Helpdesk at several large companies all over the US, including being a Tech Support representative for Adobe (on the Photoshop project).

I've also been a beta tester for several large groups as well, such as Adobe (on Photoshop and Illustrator), Sierra Games (on The Realm Online), Hewlett Packard (numerous hardware alpha/beta tests for Printers), Infopop/Groupee on The Ultimate Bulletin Board, etc.

A lot of you may know me as one of the founding members of The Ultimate Bulletin Board; I've been providing support there since the beginnings of the UBB.Classic forum solution. As one of the original beta testers for UBB.Threads v7 I've gotten the chance to show off some of the initial features at the bleeding edge level, and some of you have even known me from my modifications at The UBB.Developers Network (which I now operate).

I have had the privilege to work with a lot of web communities, both as a user and as a site or server technician; I enjoy being able to get to know a plethora of users from every walk of life, and that's why I continue doing this!

Location: Portland, OR; USA
Position: Administrator
Posts Created: 573

Posted on March 19, 2020
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