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Downtime 2022.03.07

March 7, 2022
The server abruptly stopped at approximately midnight Pacific time, I spent an hour with tech support just to figure out the issue was a hardware malfunction that had to be worked on with a higher tier of support. The server came back about 10:00 am Pacific time.

For anyone curious who can understand server problems, the issue passed down from the web host is as follows:
vz03-phx VPS node is down
Resolved - The RAID controller was replaced for this machine. The server is up and running now.
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EMail Infastructure Update

February 1, 2022
With the announcement of Google Workplace (formerly Google Apps) doing away with their grandfathered beta accounts later this year we have chosen to take the opportunity to move all of our properties to the Cloudflare EMail Routing beta. This change should be seamless to all users, but all users with accounts hosted on the updated domains may need to update their domain alias forwarders.

Update: This rollout was completed in March 2022.
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Family Health Issues

January 24, 2022
Our support timelines will be skewed for the next month or so, my 74 year old mother fell and is currently in nursing rehab to attempt to build strength back up in her legs; she's been having problems with falling for the last couple of months and the last few weeks has gotten out of control.

Between running errands and running my normal household things are getting kind of crazy; I ask that you bear with us for the time being and forgive any longer-than-normal contact responses.
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The UBB.threads Statistics script has been updated today (order today at UBB.Statistics), some huge improvements have been happening behind the scenes for all of our scripts with compatability with PHP8 being a huge goal.

In our 20210901 release we have:
Added: Likes Statistics Added and Charted (for Top Liked Users and Top Liked Posts)
Added: A date span can be adjusted to affect the "old"/"oldest" date calculation for "Basic Statistics"
Added: Alpha/Beta r
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The UBB.threads System Requirements Test script has been updated, the 20201025 release has the following changes:

Added: Added a new debug mode which will allow one to see what values the test script arrays contain.
Added: Added new configuration checks for v7.7.5 values (Pinterest, Like Locked Threads, etc.)
Added: Added the ability to submit your server and UBB.threads configuration values to the UBB.threads developers (; this will allow us to troubleshoot your UBB.threads c
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UBB.threads v7.7.5 Released

October 26, 2020
UBB.threads v7.7.5 was released on October 25th; this version contains many new features, maintenance items, and features a new responsive gallery viewer. It has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.

Primary Changes in this Release:
New image viewer for galleries and image attachments.
Direct to-image-linking and sharing.
Auto YouTube Video Embedding using just its URL.
New responsive image gallery albums.
Improved Likes behavior and reporting pages.
Improved emaili
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UBB.threads v7.7.4 was released on March 7th; this version contains many new features, maintenance items, and fixes for PHP 7.1+ and MySQL 5.7+. It has been tested to be compatible with php 5.4 - php 7.4.

Primary Changes in this Release:
Likes system with Likes summary pages for threads and users.
Major updates to the UBBT77 and UBBT77-Dark forum styles.
Post sharing menu for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Email.
Quick Search within the navigation-bar.
Threaded Mode topic tree updates.

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The UBB.threads System Requirements Test script has been updated, the 20200304 release has the following changes:

Added: A new check for the cURL version installed on the server
Added: A new check for the PHP max_input_vars field
Added: A new check for the OpenSSL version
Added: A new check for an active HTTPS/SSL connection
Added: Updated all URLs (new page locations and HTTPS)
Added: We now identify the PHP variable name with the "friendly name" in the Additiona
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UBB.threads Links produces a Link Directory within your UBB.threads install. You can manage your links and categories from the UBB.threads Control Panel (modification of files required for embedding links to UBB.threads Links), and users can submit links to your defined categories (user submissions are checked against Stop Forum Spam, and must be approved manually from the UBB.threads Links Control Panel pages). Outgoing links are tracked and the system has logic to detect unique clicks only. Yo
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UBB.threads Pages has been updated, notable Developer Notes:
Added: Introduced the option for "private" pages; pages that do not show up in the page listings (custom island, page list, UBB.Sitemaps)
Added: Private pages display a Private notice on the admin page listing
Added: Pages can now be displayed with a category hierarchy.
Added: Moderators with the "Edit Users" permission can now edit pages (you must modify the moderator links page in the Control Panel)
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