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I have a UBB.threads License Question · VNC Web Services is a contracted developer for UBB.threads; we have no say in any support or licensing issues, and any purchases must be done through UBBCentral. Where we offer private support, development, and upgrades; you may find these official l
What are your billing terms? · Our invoices are billed through PayPal, and are due on the invoice date (when the invoice is issued); we are independent contractors, and do not extend credit, and thus do not operate on a Net 10/15/30/60/etc. terms. Purchased licenses will NOT be pr
Is Dynamic DNS included with my registration? · Every domain registration has access to eNom's Dynamic DNS Service through access.enom.com. The eNom Dynamic DNS service allows you to set the following record types: A, CName, URL Redirect, URL Frame, TXT, SRV, SPF. You also have the ability to util
What happens when a domain expires? · As the system is automated, if no payment has been submitted by the expiration date the domain will be in a temporary suspension period for up to 29 days, with no additional fees; followed by a redemption period of 30-360 days which has a holding fee
How do I set a new domain password? · To set a new password for the eNom Management page by Contacting Us with new a new password.
I need to change the contact data on my domain. · Only the domain owner can assign a new domain owner or new contact data for the Domain Whois. You can either access the eNom Management page directly (if you've assigned a domain password) or Contact Us with new domain information.
I'd like to have another party pay towards my domain. · Anyone can submit a payment for a domain renewal on our Registry Page. We allow renewals up to 10 years in the future, at a rate of $20/yr; however, only the domain owner can assign a new domain owner or new contact data for the Domain Whois.
What provider does your registry operate through? · Our domain name registry is operated through Enom. You can validate that VNC Web Services is your domain reseller by visiting here and entering the domain and captcha code.
What formats do you prefer for media? · We would prefer high resolution versions of any logos or products in their native format (.jpg/.png); please do not submit any material in a PDF, or Slideshow of any kind as we'd need to attempt to extract any material which could end up with a non-h
Single Point of Contact · We've worked with many organizations over the years and if there is one thing we've learned is that things can really get confusing when there is no defined Point of Contact and we end up taking ideas up from numerous users. Where some users may find
Do you work for · We are a 3rd party development studio, we don't work for any company, we instead have business relationships and work with hundreds of companies. UBB.threads We provide 3rd party User to User Support and 3rd party Development Services on the forum pr
3rd Party Support Notice · Where we provide free support for many communities, including UBBCentral (UBB.threads), we do so as a service at no cost, to help the community. We do, at times, work with these communities as a 3rd party developer, and do not work as an agent for th
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We utilize BlueHost and StableHost for the hosting of our all of our Virtual Private Servers, the go to hosts that we recommend to every one of our clients, friends, and family. For more Web Hosting recommendations, please see our Recommended Hosts page!

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