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Database Design
A lot of people don't feel comfortable with configuring and maintaining their MySQL databases; well, we're here to help! We can easily configure your MySQL databases based on your needs and provide our recommendations and a set of database queries (i
Development Services
Are you looking to add functionality to your website? Not only do we develop modifications for UBB.threads, we also provide private development services! Basic Web Development Offerings Easy to follow coding: Future 3rd party developers should be abl
Disaster Recovery Services
We're now offering disaster recovery services. By ordering recovery services we will: Police your web directory for any modified/new files and take any precautions to clean them. (We can only remove new files which are known; for example, files from
HTTPS Conversion
Are you looking to convert your site from a non-HTTPS property to a full HTTPS property? Did you know that there is more involved than just using Let's Encrypt or installing an HTTPS Certificate? Converting your site to serve content over an HTTPS pr
Image Design
Graphic design is the most important tool used to sell your products and services online; graphics are used to present all of the visual elements that present your customers with your product line. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely wi
Local Services
Do you have a business in the Portland (Oregon) Metro area? Are you a regular person who is tired of the run around with in-store repairs? We offer local services at our location in SE Portland (Milwaukie), as well as on-site in the Portland Metro ar
Migrations & Backups
Site and Server Migration Services Sometimes we all out-grow our present environments and need to re-locate to somewhere better to suit our needs; this is true in both real life and in the computer world. Our experts will backup your files and databa
On Site Support
Sometimes all we really need is someone there for us, to physically walk us through step by step on computer or script issues. We know first hand how difficult learning something new can be so we pride ourselves on knowing how it feels to just want t
Script Installation and Maintenance
Sometimes a script installation can be a little more than a webmaster wishes to deal with; sometimes configuration can just make you want to pull your hair out, and sometimes you can face a total configuration nightmare with various scripts. Our tech
Server Maintenance Services
Have a Dedicated, Semi-Dedicated, or Virtual Server? Are you keeping your server maintenance up to date? Updates, backups, log transversal, virus scanning, there are just so many tasks to do, and so many things to make sure that're up to date! For $
Technical Support
We can provide expert customer technical support on many various issues. Pricing on technical support issues varies by type. We recommend an on-site solution however we can provide both online and telephone support. Support Levels Support via EMail
UBB Theme Creation
We offer both Theme Creation services and several Prebuilt Themes for UBB.threads v7 (and soon UBB.threads v7.6.0) Forum Platform. We offer both graphical and graphic-less forum designs based on a color scheme that is of your choosing; we'll work wit
Webmaster Services
Every site needs a dedicated staff to keep operations running smoothly, but sometimes they need just a little advanced help now and again. We offer a wide range of webmaster duties for your sites that you just can't live without. We have packages tha
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We utilize BlueHost and StableHost for the hosting of our all of our Virtual Private Servers, the go to hosts that we recommend to every one of our clients, friends, and family. For more Web Hosting recommendations, please see our Recommended Hosts page!

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