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Isaac and I are working on finalizing UBB.threads v7.6.1, and should hopefully have the code out within the next couple of weeks. Quite a bit has been tackled in this update, you can take a look at the Official UBB.threads Announcements forum at UBBDev for a complete rundown, but I've cherry picked some items out of the progress reports:

• Support for Google's reCAPTCHA
• Ability for admin's to disable mobile capability
• Identified and fixed a bug with the UBB.threads built in CAPTCHA
• New Styles (Isaac really went out of the way to make some beautiful mobile friendly styles)
• Lots of Control Panel work, again
• Updates to system libraries (with the Smarty library update we may see an influx of modded forum bug reports, since it's a lot more strict about coding being in the templates)
• The "My Stuff" and "PM Indicator" have been moved to the top right of the page where the username displays
• Image uploads to Galleries and Attachments are now compressed to allow users to upload large files and not kill mobile devices.
• The "New Post" indicator can now be customized via the style editor (rather than using an image)
• Posts in a thread will display an "OP" tag when the original poster replies.
• Users without an avatar will now have a square avatar with the first letter of their display name.
• A "Return to Top" chevron can now be clicked from the side of the page to return a user to the top of the page on long pages.
• Users can now change their ratings on topics.
• The Gallery has been updated and now has a clean display
• Active Topics now displays the full post, but uses CSS to hide elements after so many characters
• Fixes to user avatar display
• Fixed validation errors
• More mobile display fixes
• The cache manager now purges files in the /tmp directory
• The Control Panel now displays the size that attachments are using, both via data in the database and as a count on the server.
• The current forum configuration is now backed up before changes are made
• Admin Log now records each time a user is checked in StopForumSpam from the UserEditor
• Admin Log now records each time a user is reported to StopForumSpam from the UserEditor
• Share to Facebook added
• Twitter sharing was cleaned up and includes the thread subject and URL
• Numerous HTTP -> HTTPS fixes
• Fix to a bug with the existing Facebook Like feature
• The Attachment/Poll Manager now opens within the current window, versus a popup
• File and Poll counts are now updated as they're added, versus returning to the parent section.
• Content rebuilder actions are now added to the admin log, along with stats and start times.
• More CDN/Proxy/Firewall updates for fetching a correct IP address that may be hiding behind another host
• The top jumper and preview buttons now smoothly scroll vs jerking the page to the target
• Admins can now opt to "minify" their UBB.threads pages
• Admins can now "print" subscription pages from the Control Panel

If you haven't upgraded to the v7.6 series, we recommend you do so... With security improvements, mobile capability, validity, and an updated interface; it's like night and day from the v7.5 series.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on November 22, 2017

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