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Nothing is more important to your web presence than a well thought domain name. Our partnership with eNom allows us to offer prices that cut other registries (such as Network Solutions) in half.

All domains come with direct access through eNom[5], you'll be able to utilize many[6] services for FREE with your domain registration which are included in the same user area.

You can register many various TLD's with us[2], if you don't see one you're interested in, please feel free to contact us directly.

All domain purchases (registrations, renewals, transfers) are non-refundable once the purchase order has been completed. Orders are generally processed within 24 hours of payment.

To order domain services, please Contact Us today!

Please note that we only offer domain registration services to current clients only; please contact us before attempting to pay for domain registry services.

All registry sales are final, there are no refunds after a domain registration or renewal has processed as these are done through third party services (our eNom Registry partner).

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Registry Pricing

Domain Registration: $28/yr[1]
Domain Renewal: $28/yr[1]
Domain Privacy: $28/yr[8]
Domain Transfer: $28/yr[1]

Notice: Due to increased overhead with our registry vendor, we've reached the need to increase our fees to $28/yr for most domains. Thank you for your understanding.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 13, 2018 · Updated on March 9, 2024

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Domain Registry Services · Notes

Please note that the ICANN regulations require that your domain ownership data be correct at all times. Leaving your ownership data blank is against regulations and could have your domain registration revoked.

Please ensure that your domains are not set to expire near the date you begin a transfer, we are not responsible for fees incurred through another registry. Domain Privacy must be disabled in order to finalize a domain transfer.

[1] Our $28/yr TLD's include: .com, .net, .org, .us, .uk[3],[3],[3],[3], .name,,,, .de, .be,, .nl,,,,, .fr, .pictures, .top, .website, .work, .xyz
[2] Other TLD's include: .mobi, .la, .ASIA,,,, .ca, .cn, .eu[3], .cc, .ac, .io, .sh, .tv, .bz, .nu[3], .ws, .tm[4],[3],,,, .de, .be, .tc, .vg, .ms, .gs, .jp,,,,[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3],[3], .in,, .at, .am, .nl, .it, .fm, .info, .biz
[3] Domains have a 2 year minimum.
[4] TM names have a 10 year only registration.
[5] eNom is our registration partner, you can manage any of your eNom domains directly on their system at
[6] Services included with your domain include: Dynamic DNS[7], Name my Phone and Name my Address.
[7] The eNom Dynamic DNS service allows you to set the following record types: A, CName, URL Redirect, URL Frame, TXT, SRV, SPF. You also have the ability to utilize 3rd party programs to have your computer update your IP if you host your site locally (through the eNom API). It also offers Global DNS Services, Dynamic Updates and Fully Redundant Systems.
[8] Purchasing Domain Privacy ensures that your private contact information is not exposed on your whois results. It is held in confidentiality and protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service. This service is separate from your domain registration and is NOT required.

Notice: We reserve the right to extend the life of expired domains through a domain expiration period after your domain name expires. This is outside of the ICANN domain redemption period.
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