[Pre-7.3] [Final] pJIRC Addon v0.5 · Script

This is for UBB.Threads versions PRIOR TO v7.3, for versions AFTER v7.3 please use this

• Valid UBB.Threads 7.0 install and license
• pjIRC (freely obtainable from SourceForge)

This will not work with UBB.T versions 7.3 or above, instead, see here.

This addon will allow you to integrate the freely available Java IRC client pJIRC.

Unlike other jIRC applets out there, this one is free, and open source. It has a large community built behind it, and has excelled in features compared to others for years.

I currently don't have a demo of this available on my test site (as I don't need it integrated into my forum) however you can see the pJIRC script itself in action here.

File History
2245 - Chat Addon v0.1 (2245-chat.zip) - Released: 07/30/2006 - Initial build.
2329 - Chat Addon v0.2 (2330-chatv02.zip) - Released: 01/01/2007 - Bug Fixes, Feature Additions, etc.
2330 - Chat Addon v0.2 Reloaded - Released: 01/01/2007 - Fixed a quick syntax error in chat.tmp
2337 - Chat Addon v0.3 (2337-chatv03.zip) - Released: 01/08/2007 - Added several new "advanced strings", including restricted/allowed commands/channels strings (with ticks in the main configuration in the language file).
2491 - Chat Addon v0.4 (chatv04.zip) - Released: 09/30/2007 - Spaces in nicknames are now converted to _'s so that user PDN's display properly when logging in (spaces in nicknames are not allowed according to the IRC standards). Also updated the revision in the readme for once ;)... I've also added instructions to the readme that show users logged into the chat in the WOL.
2526 - Chat Addon v0.5 (chatPre73v05.zip) - Released: 05/12/2008 - Repaired a syntax error in the language file and preformed some minor code updates to go in line with the 7.3+ version.

As of v0.2 this addon supports every major option that the pJIRC has, there aren't (yet) ticks for every option in the language file; but advanced users can edit the template file to edit the standard options (I've included all of the major options set to default values in the template file).

This script, by default, assumes you have pJIRC installed in a /irc directory under your forum install; you can override this directory in the configuration.

Future Plans
• I'm giving thought to a process of providing a smilies legend for the smiley support which will allow users to select smilies from the legend and have them populate into the chat box.
• I'm contemplating utilizing a pjirc.cfg file vs defining everything in the html.

It has come to my attention that some people are assuming that you must run your own server in order to utilize this modification. It is NOT a requirement to run your own IRC Server to run this addon; you can use any of the millions of irc servers online (a large list is available here) to connect to. Additionally I also operate an open irc server that anyone is welcome to use; by default this is the server in the configuration (irc.undergroundnews.com)

More Information: [Click Here] (External Link)

Donate Today

Where we provide this script freely to the community, we do ask that if you find it useful that you make a small donation to aid in development costs.


Posted By Gremelin Posted on October 8, 2016
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