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About the Addon

Requirements: UBB.threads 7.6+ (not compatible with UBB.threads 6.x or below)
Current Version: v20200122
Pricing: $100 (Purchase Here)
Documentation: Screen captures and a full listing of Developer Notes (changelog) can be obtained on the UBB.Wiki entry UBB.threads Links.
Support: Support is available on the UBBDevelopers thread UBB.threads Links.


UBB.threads Links produces a Link Directory within your UBB.threads install. You can manage your links and categories from the UBB.threads Control Panel (modification of files required for embedding links to UBB.threads Links), and users can submit links to your defined categories (user submissions are checked against Stop Forum Spam, and must be approved manually from the UBB.threads Links Control Panel pages). Outgoing links are tracked and the system has logic to detect unique clicks only.

You can also update several script configuration ticks that can affect behavior, such as displaying outgoing links, change the main page listing (top outgoing links, items with no category set, latest links, and categories only), set a max-height for images, and allow/disable user submissions.


There are several screen shots below, additionally you can see the script in action on A Gardeners Forum; please provide any input on our Contact Us page.


• $100 - Link Script (Per install; as this is a licensed script, each unique install requires a separate license. Includes 1 year of updates (365 days))
• $30 - Script Installation Services

How to Buy

You can purchase this script, install services, or renew your updates by clicking the order button below.

Note · Notice
This script is not freeware, it requires a license; by purchasing a license you're granted usage on 1 (one) UBB.threads installation. Any additional installations require an additional license. Updates are available for 1 year after initial purchase; after this timeframe, to aid in development costs, you must renew your access to updates (see the purchase link above for further information). You cannot freely provide this script to others without written permission from the author.

Posted By Gremelin Posted on December 26, 2019 · Updated on April 17, 2024

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